Private Chess Lessons

International Master Daniel Tapia offers online chess lessons for $40 an hour. Using the free open source chess server,, coach and student can have a private chess lesson in real time. He may be contacted at

Daniel has worked for chesscom, producing a series on seven tactical signals, which have since been expanded and improved. He has also worked for Chesscademy, producing a basic planning and tactical awareness course. He has more than 10 years' experience as a chess coach.

Ascent to Chess Expert

With an initial supplement rating of 773, Daniel climbed the ranks quickly while studying in high school. Achieving the title of expert in two years and becoming a national co-champion in three, he graduated as an AP Scholar and won a scholarship to Central University in Bogotá, Colombia.

Becoming an International Master

While studying advertising at Central University, Daniel won clear first in the inaugural Colombian sub-zonal, held in Bogotá, with 7.5 out 9 to become an international master.

Becoming a Teacher

His first job in Colombia was teaching English as a foreign language, winning runner-up teacher of the year at the Salitre branch of Berlitz in 2008. There he learned about pedagogy, method and process. This experience no doubt shaped his future ideas on coaching chess.

Latest Tournament

With tournaments hard to come by and opportunities to travel scarce, Daniel has not had the chance to play recently. He played his last tournament in Bogotá, in 2012. He played five grandmasters, beating two, losing two and drawing one. Overall, his rating performance was 2419. He hopes to travel to Europe in the coming years to play in the major opens.

ITT Bogota Humana IDRD Bolivariano 2012

  1. Victory vs GM Almeida Quintana ELO: 2522
  2. Defeat vs GM Ortiz Suarez ELO: 2603
  3. Victory vs GM Barrientos ELO: 2459
  4. Draw vs GM Alvarez Pedraza ELO: 2513
  5. Defeat vs GM Bacallao ELO: 2574